You Need These Planning Documents for Your 18-Year-Old Kids Immediately

Turning 18 brings on a lot of new freedoms and responsibilities. It’s a time of transition for young adults who are looking to take that next step in life. With that transition comes significant legal changes that parents need to be aware of before it’s too late.

You have been involved in your child’s life every step of the way – accessing the necessary information to make important medical and financial decisions on their behalf. This might seem like it’s just part of your job as a parent, but something many parents don’t realize is that your access and power over vital decisions and information related to your own child end the day they turn 18.

We want to help you retain an integral role in your children’s lives even after they turn 18. After all, very few of us were ready to do everything on our own the very day we turned 18.

Medical Power of Attorney

Imagine this scenario: Your 18-year-old child moves out on their own this summer or heads to college. You talk every single day and keep in touch with them, but one day you don’t hear a word from them. No texts, no calls, no responses when you reach out – they’ve gone silent.

Most parents would panic in this situation and assume the worst, and if you start thinking this you may be right. But, without a Medical Power of Attorney established, you may not be able to get the answers you need. Your child may have been in an accident, transported to a local hospital, and received emergency care without you ever knowing. This is because your child is considered legally independent at 18 and, unless the situation arises to the point of needing to reach out to an emergency contact (assuming you are chosen as their contact), you have no right to know what happened, where they are, and what treatment they are receiving.

A Medical Power of Attorney not only provides peace of mind but also ensures you play a role in keeping your child healthy and safe.

Durable Power of Attorney

Your child may be working and bringing in their own income, but if they are ready to move out on their own they’re about to face a whole new wave of expenses. This is precisely why so many young Americans are deep in credit card debt. They attempt to catch up when they fall behind by opening up a new line of credit to be paid back later.

For this and other reasons, it’s important to establish Durable Power of Attorney forms for your children when they turn 18. This keeps you involved in their finances and allows you to access their financial affairs so you can assist in making important decisions for them. You can leave this up to chance by communicating with them even without a Durable Power of Attorney, but this requires honesty and more diligence than would be necessary with the POA established.

Work with an experienced Estate Planning attorney todayAt Charleston Estate Planning Law Firm, we proudly support South Carolina families. We believe in keeping families together and in close contact when the time is right. Part of Estate Planning is planning not only for the long-term future but for today and tomorrow. Get in touch with our firm and we will help you get the right forms in place so you never have to worry about your child’s future.

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